Hey there!

My name is Robson, and this blog is mostly about books, that is something you will find here for sure. And books are ultimately about any imaginable subject. So, you can expect to see a lot of variety in my posts. That is because I have multiple interests in life and I couldn’t just choose one single theme to focus on. Just to mention a few topics: I love to travel; to know different cultures, people and foods; to hear good music; to read captivating books; to learn new languages; to live amazing experiences. Among my hobbies I can list photography, cooking, gardening, programming, puzzles and games. On the nerd side I am a DBA by profession and a Computer Scientist by heart.

I am Brazilian and live in Canada near Toronto. I have a wonderful partner called Thiago and together we have two beautiful cats that complete our happy family: Catarina and Thomas.

This blog is named Tabula Rasa as a homage to the theory proposed by John Locke on his work An Essay Concerning Human Understanding. I read this treatise when I was a teenager, and it has had since then a lasting influence upon myself. The way he describes how at birth our minds are like a blank slate with no innate ideas in it has always fascinated me. Complex ideas are built upon simple ones which we acquire through our senses and experience. I hope you enjoy!